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Aerated concrete equipment

1.Introduction to AAC block machine

aac block and board have become the pillar industry in construction field. China has introduced AAC technology before 40 years, our company is the earliest manufacture and RD institute of Aerated Concrete (AAC) machinery, and our technology has reached the advanced level of Aerated Concrete (AAC) machine industry. The sales volume and comprehensive indexes of our Aerated Concrete (AAC) equipment are ahead of others in China. The aerated concrete is characterized by the advantages of light weight, heat preservation, sound isolation, high strength,processable property and so on, what’s more, the raw materials of AAC are abundant. Especially, it can not only make use of industrial waste residue, improve environmental pollution, and protect tillable field, but also create favorable social and economic benefits to take fly ash as the raw material of AACblock and board. Aerated concrete is the perfect wall material to replace the traditional solid clay brick. For many years, Aerated Concrete (AAC) has always accepted strong supports from the policies about reforming of wall material, tax policies and environment protection policies. aac block machine and board have become the important part of new-type construction materials, and possess bright development future.

2.Production Process of AAC block machine,Light Weight Block Machine

Production Process of AAC block machine According to the category and quality of raw material, and the features of equipment, the aac machine can be manufactured in different processes. Generally, add water to ash, silica sand or slag and crush them into slurry; then add powdery lime, cement of right amount, plaster, vesicant, foam stabilizer, and mix and pour it to mould frame; after curing, foaming and hardening, cut it into blocks and boards in different specifications; finally, transport it into pressure steamer with steam-curing cart, and get the light cellular concrete after steam-curing with high temperature and pressure. Process Flow of an Annual Output 50,000m3---300,000m3 Aerated Concrete Steam-Curing Production (1) Various raw material storage tanks → (2) Mix dosing → (3) add water to raw material and mix them → (4) prepare the mould → (5) pour → (6) foam and wait → (7) release from mould → (8) turn up, cut horizontally and vertically → (9) make into groups and get into autoclave → (10) cure under high temperature and pressure → (11) release the finished products from the autoclave → (12) test the finished products → (13) pack → (14) stack and store up → (15) leave the factory.

3. AAC producing line equipments

The model and quatity of the AAC plant will be confirmed by the designed project, according to different requirement, the pouring include fixed pouring and mobile pouring,the  ground cutting is popular domestic, the other section such as the batching system,the hardening section is almost same.

Yu Feng Heavy Industry is a leading domestic manufacturer of AAC block machine manufacturer,sales to many countries and regions around the world.Please contact our AAC block machine department,in order to know more information about Light Weight Block Machine.
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